Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vaughn's first haircut

A family friend, Robin who owns Razors Edge gave Vaughn his first haircut. Let's just say it wasn't easy. He cried the entire time. Thanks Robin, you did a great job!

Halloween 2012

Vaughn wore the DOT costume for only a few minutes then he wanted to take it off, he didn't look much happier in the cow costume either. I took him trick or treating that day to the athletic club, then we went to a ward party, my friend Joy invited us to. And that night we walked around the neighborhood with my family, door to door.

saying goodbye

Brian and I had been discussing our plans for the future. We had been living in Nampa for about 3 years and both working full time, feeling like we were stuck in a rut, needing a change in our lives. Brian was working for the family milk buisness and I was doing home health care. We were both ready for a change of pace and wanted to be closer to our roots. The decision for Brian to change jobs was something we had difficulty over but in the end we knew it was what we needed to do, it was a blessing and made it possible to make the change. It allowed me to be able to focus more on being a stay at home mommy and just work a couple days a week. I was able to transfer to the Horizon Home Health and Hospice building in Burley and Brian is now working as a truck driver for DOT foods. Saying goodbye to Nampa was bitter sweet. It was our first home together, it was where we brought our first born home to, our ward was wonderful and our family in the area were going to be missed. We made the move in October 2012 and we were able to sell our home in December.

goofing around

In the midst of all the packing we had to get done, we still found time to goof around a bit!

Brian and Scottie

I had to post this picture because it's a good one! This cheese could be served on crackers!

Bronco Stadium

On Rosa's birthday we got to go to Boise State football stadium and take a tour for Thomas's football team. We got to walk on the blue turf and meet some of the football players and get autographs! Happy Birthday Rosa!! and good job Thomas playing football!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy 1st birthday Vaughn!!!

The day of Vaughn's birthday, we went to dinner as a little family and he got his very own dinner off the kids menu to celebrate him being a "big" boy. We celebrated that weekend with family and friends at Brian's parents house. So many people showed their love and excitment with us!! Thank you Cha for taking pics we will treasure forever!